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Your Artist In Chief, Stacie Braford.

About the Rock Solid Mamas

Stacie and Cindy are wonderful human beings who produce lovely art and practice a variety of mystic arts including Tarot and Reiki.

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Cindy's Bio

As our webmaster said “I’m mean!” It’s actually the complete opposite.

The crafting bug set in early for me. Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, I started with creating hand-made Barbie clothes, mud pies in the tractor tire sandbox and cooking and backing in the kitchen with Mom and my sister.

In my early teens, I started making homemade Christmas presents for my best friends. This tradition has lasted about 40 years. I started with necklaces with key charms, and some 30 years later, I am still making jewelry, now using semi-precious stones and creating jewelry for healing and energy health. Along with one of my dearest friends/chosen family, we are a creative whiz team.