Rock Solid Mamas

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Rock Solid Mamas was a concept that was spoken into existence in December 2011, at a Winter Solstice Drum Circle. Stacie and Cindy, our founders, were there with friends, holding space for the ceremony. Another friend, after the ceremony concluded, referred to Stacie and Cindy as her “rock solid mamas”.

From that was born the idea of creating healing art.

Art is intended to garner an emotional response, it speaks to you. With that in mind, we try to create pieces that will touch the heart and soul of a person.

All of the pieces we offer include crystals and gemstones, infused with healing energy. Love and more healing energy is infused into each piece throughout the creative process, and again at completion.

Custom pieces are available, in that you can choose the colors and, when available, the crystals and gemstones you would like to have in your piece. Or, we can customize a piece based on the purpose or intent.